Grant Application for Libraries

Congratulations to Our Winners!

We have selected the winner for our grant. After careful consideration of all the participants online efforts and suggestions for improving our site, our Grant Committee decided to award the two $500 Grants to the Abiline Public Library (Abiline, Texas), and Turkey Run High School Library (Marshall, Indiana). And a special mention was given, along with an additional mini-grant to the Notus Public Library (Notus, Idaho) for their efforts in a basically non-existing budget. We wish we could have given grants to all the libraries that participated because all of you are doing a great service to your Spanish speaking patrons.

We just got back your applications from the committee and are starting to reead all of your comments and suggestions. So you can be sure that we will be providing you with new services. Once we review them, we will be sending all participants a summary of findings about what your peers are saying. We could see that all of you are doing a great job, many times with very small budgets and resources, to provide for the Spanish speaking families in your area.

If you want to be considered for future grants or for other promotions that we may do, please subscribe to our mailing list so that we could let inform you of the next grant or special promotion. If you have participated on this one, we are already subscribed and will be notified you next time we issue a grant. And as always, keep on calling and letting us know how to best serve you.

Once again, we want to thank those of you who participated in the grant and to all librarians in general who have helped us during these 11 years online and 17 years serving you. We will continue to contribute to your efforts in promoting passion for reading in Spanish language by giving you the best books and the best service. And also providing you with our Top 10 Bestsellers, with collection development help, and with our selection of more than 100,000 available titles that you could browse and order through this website. So come back to visit us and see the newest titles and services.

So Congratulations to the Abilene, Turkey Run and Notus libraries and to all the libraries for the great labor of love and education that you are doing. We are glad to count you as our customers and as our friends.

$500 Grants:
$500 each, from our bestselling online titles

Abiline Public Library
(Abiline, Texas)

Turkey Run High School Library
(Marshall, Indiana)


Notus Public Library
(Notus, Idaho)