Standing Order Plan
(for Libraries and Schools)

Now you can develop your collection easily and risk-free. Now you can provide patrons with the most current books as soon as they are published, and continue to promote passion for reading in Spanish. Our Standing Order Plan gives you our latest titles and allows you to examine them for 30 days, and either approve them or return them at no cost to you.

Simply, select the type of books that you want, the quantity of titles, a budget limit and a shipping period. Then, periodically, we will send you our latest titles that conform to your specifications. You have 30 days to review them. Keep only the ones that you want, and return the others. The books must be in a resalable condition and with postage pre-paid and insured. And, we will even refund you for this cost. You will only pay for the books that you keep. You always get our Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you want to enter our Standing Order Plan, please fill out this form. Soon, you will receive our risk-free books for your review. If at any time you want to be removed from this plan, simply contact us and let us know. If you have any questions, please give us a call at our toll-free number 800-609-2113 or e-mail us at


1. Select the type of books
2. Select the quantity
3. Select a budget limit
4. Select a shipping period
5. Review them
6. Keep only the books that you want; return the others


1. Give your patrons the latest
2. Risk free examination at your convenience
3. Improve your Spanish collection
4. Ensure book availability
5. Hassle-free ordering

Please provide the following information
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Institution Name
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Type of Institution
Total Population Served
Percent Spanish Speaking
Annual Spanish Book Budget
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Do you prefer to receive information on new titles by? (Choose one or more)
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Standing Order Plan Selections:
What types of books are you more interested in? (Choose one or more)
Audio-Books Cooking History Biographies Dictionaries How-To Business Encyclopedias Parenting Children Fiction Reference Classics Health Religion Computer Hispanic Authors Romance Other Self-Help
What type of Cover would you like to receive? (Choose one or both)
Softcover Hardcover
How many Titles would you want per period? (Choose one)
10 Titles 20 Titles 15 Titles Other
How many Copies per title would you want to receive? (Choose one)
1 Copy 6 Copies 3 Copies Other
How often do you want to receive the titles - Shipping Period? (Choose one)
Every 4 Weeks Every 8 Weeks Every 6 Weeks Other
What is the Budget Limit per Shipping Period?
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