Our Services / Nuestros Servicios

For Libraries & Schools

We have been serving our libraries and schools since 1988. Thank you for entrusting us over the past 18 years to serve your Spanish book needs. These are just some of the services we provide to libraries and schools along with our titles. As always, let us know other services you may need and we will be glad to provide them to you. We believe that together we are promoting passion for reading in Spanish and enriching the lives of your patrons.

Ordering Books in Spanish Language
We accept Purchase Orders and online orders. Ordering is very easy. You can order online any of our titles, and you can also order them with your Purchase Order by mail, fax, phone, or email. We will also locate and quote you any title that you are looking for but can not find in our website. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Outlet / Clearance Center
Save up to 30%. Now you can search or browse our Clearance Center. These are titles from our catalogs that have great savings. Here, you can find the titles from our previous catalogs with have great savings (save 30%). Order now because quantities are limited and may not last long. You can order these titles with the same ease as our regular titles.

Publisher’s Catalog
Over 100,000 titles. Search through the titles of our catalogs and our publisher’s catalogs to find what is available from over 1,500 publishers in the US, Spain, Mexico and Latin-America. We constantly new titles with the best and newest Spanish language literature.

Standing Orders
Easy and Risk Free. You could have the latest books right in your front desk as soon as we get them. Our Standing Order Plan allows you to review the books and keep only the ones you want. Many libraries and schools are using this plan to help them in providing the newest and best Spanish books. It is risk free and there are no obligations. It takes the hassle out of selecting through thousands of titles. We do it for you.

Top 10 of the Month
Bestselling Books in Spanish Language in the US. Every month we compile a listing of the Top 10 Fiction and Non-Fiction titles that libraries are buying for their patrons. If you want to participate on this survey and tell us what you are buying, please contact us. And if you are not on our e-mail list, and therefore are not receiving this monthly list, let us know or subscribe to start receiving it.

Los 5 Libros / The 5 Books
The best and newest 5 titles on a given topic. Each month we select 5 of the newest and best titles within a specific topic. These are topics that have been suggested by you, the readers and their families. This way we help you cut through the noise of the thousands of titles published every year and focus on those that are the most relevant for your patrons specific needs.

For Public Libraries and Schools. When budgets get smaller and times tougher, you know that you can count on us. That’s why we introduced this grant three years ago to promote passion for reading in Spanish language. Periodically we offer grants to libraries that showcase exemplary services in different areas to their Spanish speaking patrons. These grants have ranged from $500 to $1,500. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know when to apply for the next one.

Spanish Book News
Receive our Catalog. For the past 18 years our catalogs have been introducing librarians and their patrons to new books in Spanish language from more than 1,500 publishing houses in the US, Spain, Mexico and Latin-America. We are also constantly adding new titles to our frontlist that we know will interest you in all of the popular formats, including audios, CDs and DVDs. All of these titles are presented to you also online with complete information in English and Spanish for your convenience and with your Satisfaction Guaranteed. Please subscribe to ensure that you receive our paper catalog as well.

Our online catalog. While our paper catalogs have about 400 titles each, they only represents a selection of the latest published titles that we offer. On our website (www.sbdbooks.com) you have thousands more from our latest catalogs that you could browse through and order. What is more, now you also have online our database of more than 100,000 of the newest titles from our publishing houses that you can search and order from. Plus, you’d also find our Clearance Center where you can save up to 30%. And you can subscribe online to our Standing Order Plan or to receive our E-mail Newsletter with the latest news on recently published titles, grant information and our monthly Top 10 lists.

El Libro y Su Mundo
Our BLOG about the World of Books in Spanish Language. Here you'll find news about our company and our industry. During these past 18 years we’ve learn quite a bit about our industry and about what our customers want. Now we want to put that knowledge to good use and reflect on where the industry, our customers, and our company are going. So now we bring you news about what we are doing at SBD, and comments about the industry of books in Spanish language or other topics we believe are relevant and may help you and your patrons.

For Booksellers / Para Vendedores

All of our titles are available to be purchased by resellers. You can order directly in this website. And if you want to take advantage of special discounts to retailers and wholesalers, you will need to open an account with us. Please contact us for more information and an Account Application.

In addition to our regular services, booksellers can also take advantage of our database of books and cover images for their catalogs and websites. Once you open an account with us, we will provide you with this at no extra charge. We want to make it easier for your customers to learn about the latest and best titles in Spanish language.

Todos nuestros libros pueden ser comprados por los libreros y vendedores de libros. Pueden ordenar directamente desde estas páginas. Y si quiere aprovechar los descuentos especiales para minoristas y mayoristas, necesitará abrir una cuenta con nosotros. Por favor contáctenos para más información y una Aplicación de Crédito.

Además de nuestros servicios normales, los vendedores también pueden aprovechar nuestra base de datos de títulos y las imágenes de sus cubiertas para sus catálogos y páginas de internet. Una vez que abra una cuenta con nosotros, dispondrá de esto sin cargo extra. Queremos ayudar a que sus clientes puedan conocer lo último y mejor del libro en español. .

For Publishers / Para Editoriales

As one of the largest and oldest distributors of books in Spanish language, we work with over 1,500 different publishers directly and through other distributors. Chances are that your books are already in our database and thus are available to our customers. Nevertheless, we always welcome all publishers to send us their new titles to be included in our catalogs online and in paper. And we have several services and programs to showcase your frontlist and backlist to our customers. Please contact us to see how we could help you promote your titles in the US market while we promote passion for reading in Spanish language.

Como uno de los más antiguos y principales distribuidores de libros en español trabajamos con más de 1,500 editoriales directa o indirectamente. Seguramente sus libros ya estarán en nuestra base de datos y por lo tanto disponibles para nuestros clientes. De todas formas, siempre les animamos a las editoriales a que nos envíen sus nuevos títulos para incluirlos en nuestros catálogos electrónicos y de papel. Tenemos diversos servicios y programas para poder ofrecer sus novedades y fondo editorial a nuestros clientes. Por favor contáctenos para ver como podemos ayudarle a promover sus títulos en el mercado de E.E.U.U. a la vez que promover pasión por la lectura en español. .

For Authors / Para Autores

Nobody knows a book better and is more passionate about it than authors. We normally only work with authors through their publishers, but if you want us to distribute your title directly or help you locate a publisher for your book, or anything else in the process of completing your work, please contact us and we will gladly do so. And if you see your book in our catalog, please let us know about it. Thank you for allowing us to present your titles and enrich the lives of the readers.

Nadie conoce un libro y tiene más pasión por él que su propio autor. Generalmente trabajamos con los autores a través de sus editoriales, pero si desea que distribuyamos su libro directamente o que le ayudemos a buscar a una editorial para su libro, o cualquier otro asunto en el arduo proceso de completar su libro, por favor contáctenos y estaremos encantados de hacerlo. Y si ve su libro en nuestro catálogo, por favor díganoslo. Muchas gracias por permitirnos presentar sus títulos y enriquecer la vida de los lectores. .

For Individuals / Para Individuos

We encourage readers to use the services that their local libraries and booksellers provide to acquire and read our titles. And we are glad to be able to serve you directly as well. In addition to the titles at this website, we recommend that you visit our sister company Club Amigos del Libro Latino where you will find a selection of the best titles for you and your family. Please read these titles and share your passion for reading with your community through reading clubs and gatherings.
Club Amigos del Libro Latino: Lee • Aprende • Comparte • Crece

Les animamos a los lectores a que usen los maravillosos servicios que sus bibliotecas y librerías locales ponen a su disposición para obtener y leer nuestros libros. Y también estamos encantados de poder ofrecérselos directamente. Aparte de los títulos de estas páginas, les recomendamos que visiten nuestra sucursal Club Amigos del Libro Latino donde podrán encontrar una selección de los mejores libros para ustedes y sus familias. Por favor lean estos libros y compartan su pasión por la lectura con su comunidad a través de clubes y reuniones de lectura.
Club Amigos del Libro Latino: Lee • Aprende • Comparte • Crece